KC Evolve is a marketing agency designed to activate, inspire and support your evolution by focusing on your brand and strategy. 

We partner with businesses and people to untap opportunity and deliver purposeful impact.  Whether you are starting from scratch, simply need a refresh or are in need of a full rebrand, we love crafting ideas into reality and are paradigm shift thinkers that ultimately seek to craft and strengthen your marketing.

Your brand is everything.

From each impression and touch point, your brand is that harmonious sweet spot that unites business objectives, with the internal and the external marketing and communications. It is the most precious asset of your company. We pride ourselves on creatively and strategically delivering for you…and always having fun doing it.

 We Evolve…

company brands + personal brands

marketing + strategy

positioning + messaging

company + culture

digital + campaigns + events

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We get YOU, and we got YOU.

We have worked with big brands, little brands and the in-between brands. We have been on the agency side and the corporate side and we get the challenges that you face every day.

After years working together as agency and client, we joined forces because we both believe that a great brand is the most important piece of a company.  We want to educate and help others embrace why. 

Together, we turn your need for change into the opportunity to create brand experiences that make connections and tell compelling stories.

KATRIN CASEY - founder & chief evolution officer

KATRIN CASEY - founder & chief evolution officer

LAURA LAND - chief strategy officer

LAURA LAND - chief strategy officer


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