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Every Hat Has a Story

Industry: Apparel/CPG

The conversation started with….”I need some hats that I can’t find anywhere else.”

The Evolution

Initially reunited by the need for some custom hats back in 2007, we are now forever bonded through the creation and execution of the DOME brand. Our evolution with DOME started very foundationally. The need for a name, logo, website, message, and a brand expression that set them apart from a very competitive headwear market. Through these early branding explorations, we untapped the “every hat has a story” mantra that now rings throughout this flourishing national brand. 

In crafting a story about themselves, we realized that in fact their product was also telling a bigger story…every day and in every way.  Every custom hat was and will be created because of a story.  So, we evolved the creation of a brand, into the expression of thousands of brands with a message that has meaning and separates DOME from every other hat company.

With a new focus on growth, DOME has recently received Gator 100 and Fast 50 Growing Companies in Jacksonville. The opportunity for millions of more hats to tell stories is absolutely endless. 

Without Katrin Casey, there would be no DOME Headwear Co. She has been the primary catalyst that has morphed us from one employee in a living room to a multi-million dollar, nationally-recognized headwear brand. Kat has the unique ability to see the absolute best in a person, and make those qualities resonate throughout their company and brand. She is a paradigm-shifter. Our reality today is one that we would not have realized had it not been for her creative direction and her unconditional commitment to DOME Headwear Co. Teaming up with KC Evolve has proven to be the single best investment we have made as a company.
— Jeff Whitaker, president & co-founder
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