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Our Strategy is Caring

Industry: Healthcare

The conversation started with….”I need help with a logo.”

The Evolution 

It all started with caring…back in 2016, over a pint on a hot summer day. Our friend was looking to start a business from the ground up. He was starting with a handful of loyal patients, a few practitioners that believed in him and his vision, and me…the brander. He needed a logo and some foundation marketing, including some really cool swag, to get started. I believed in him from the first impression, and now (2019), he still rocks his awesome logo and swag, and I am still the maestro of branding and marketing, but has since grown to over 3000 patients and 40+ employees in 3 years. The strategy from the beginning was caring, and that will continue to be the fabric of the My Choice brand.

When Kat found me, my marketing need was different. I found myself in a brand new, booming business, with no direction, little vision, no brand name awareness and not even a logo. Additionally, I had no skill, experience or time to handle what she does best. She masterfully created our brand experience, which resonates not only with our patients but with referral sources and our employees alike. She has the unique ability to combine her creative brain and her strong interpersonal skills to develop policies, create vision, guide and direct staff, and instill trust to those she deals with. She watches over everything from our website to our clothing to ensure that our unique brand presents itself and flourishes in regards to our target audience. Without her knowledge, we could not function on a daily basis or have nearly the market share that we enjoy today. Trust me, your life will be better with her, and your brand will be stronger because of her.
— Jason Runyan, ARPN & Founder
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