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KC STUDY - One Call

Industry: Healthcare/Worker’s Comp

The conversation started with….”We think we need a new website.”

The Evolution 

After several years of heavy M&A activity, One Call found themselves in need of a refreshed identity. They thought a new website would be the start to this. However, during the initial conversations, everyone agreed that the brand needed to be better defined to both their internal and external audiences. We worked with One Call to drill down to the core of their identify and to define who they were and who they wanted to be now that their M&A activity had come to an end. The KC team partnered with their executives to develop short term and long-term plans that would assist them in growing their company culture and would allow them to clearly communicate to external audiences their value proposition. One of the major components of this plan was still a new website, which we built for them. Their website needed to position them as an expert in their industry. In order to do this, we built a website where content would be the focus. One Call now has a robust content hub that provides them the ability to post their own content and easily share to relevant audiences through various online channels. They more than quadrupled their online presence within the first year of having this capability and continue to grow in their digital and social efforts. 

So they were right…they did need a new website but KC was able to help One Call see how building a new website was only one step in their journey to a well-defined brand.

The KC Evolve team has been a tremendous asset to our marketing department. We originally hired KC to build a new website and the relationship evolved in to a true partnership. KC understood our big picture needs and helped us to lay out plans that focused on everything from our content and design approach, to customer events, to internal company meetings, to culture building initiatives, to our ongoing digital strategy. The KC team was so easy to work with that at times, I felt like something must be wrong. Nope, they just had it all handled. The result was a website that was launched on time, a thoughtful plan to elevate our brand, and a trusted partner that will continue to play an instrumental role in evolving our brand.
— Laura Land, Vice President, Marketing + Communications (I believed in this testimonial so much that I am now on the KC Evolve Team )
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