5 Reasons to Outsource Your Marketing

No matter your size, every company has a need for marketing. However, not every company’s marketing need needsto be done by someone in-house. But how do you know when to outsource? Here are 5 ways your organization can benefit from an outside perspective.

1.   So You Can Do YOU.

Marketing moves fast. Tools change, buyer behaviors change, trends change. Staying up to date is a full-time job and can be really expensive, especially for small to mid-size companies. Outsourcing allows you to focus on what you do best, while simultaneously gaining fast access to a broad range marketing competencies.

2.  You’re Stale.

Even the best of the best employees gets stale when their efforts are placed on one product/service/project for a long period of time. Agencies work with a variety of clients, products and services on a daily basis…no, make that an hourly basis. They are constantly looking at efforts from different angles with different types of businesses and can bring a fresh outlook to your company.

3.  Time + Money

Full-time employees are expensive. Repeat. Full-time employees are expensive. If you have a short-term goal or require a specific skillset for something that doesn’t necessitate a full-time person/team, don’t try to fill it by hiring wrong. Outsourcing allows you to reduce your overhead costs, while increasing your bandwidth and focusing on your strategy.

4.  Marketing Planning is a Last-Minute Thought

Ok, ok so we realize that many people underestimate the power of marketing, but it should NEVER be the last thing on your to-do list. If you want to grow and grow the right way, marketing should be top of mind. If it’s not, then you need to find someone who will get it and keep it there for you. A good marketing professional is going to look at your business strategically, holistically and should ask questions that surprise you…like “What is your ideal employee?” Or “What does your sales cycle look like?” or if they are really good, “Does your operational strategy align with your sales goals.” Why? Because whoever is focused on your marketing should be the one who brings together the internal culture, external communications and business objectives that will ultimately build your brand and grow the business.

5.  Keeping the Positive Momentum

Competitive pressures, customer demands, market changes will all affect your business and may require your internal employees to shift their focus potentially causing delays in productivity. However, if your marketing activities are outsourced then your marketing activities will continue to be managed from start to finish allowing you to stay on track to achieve results and ROI.

So, if you value great work, savings and forward-thinking efficiency, contact us.