Thank you USWNT!

Watching the USA Women’s National Team win the world cup yesterday embodied everything we stand for at KC EVOLVE.  It was such an inspiring example and moment of reflection for me.

I have enjoyed a decorated soccer career and now have shifted focus this past decade towards my marketing career. So much of my professional career was built on the fabric of my athletic career and shaped how I want to run a business and evolve as a marketer. 

 We have two mantras at KC EVOLVE and thank you USWNT for showing the world what these statements mean and for enlivening me to continue to embrace them.

1. Do great work and keep people first.These soccer players put in decades of work and sacrifice to put on the World Cup show that they did. Literally blood, sweat and tears - all for the genuine smiles they had the privilege to wear on an international stage.  Anyone that has played this sport knows what it takes to be even close to that fit and full of finesses.  Beyond the physicality of the game, to have a group of stellar female athletes with that connectivity and depth is artistic and admirable.  Thank you for being a shining example of doing great work and keeping people first. For a few hours you brought the world together for a match, and it was amazing. 

2. Every great company must EVOLVE to stay great.You ladies have been decades of examples evolving to stay great. 20 years ago a very high bar was set for women’s soccer, and the rest of the world watched and worked very hard to reach that bar.  But that wasn’t enough. The world caught up to that bar, so it had to be higher. And you pushed it higher. You have been so great, and you knew that you had to evolve to be even greater.  You are greater, and I am very confident that your work is not done yet.  This is going to be very exciting to continue to witness. 

I am proud to be a very small part of the women’s soccer evolution, and it is truly amazing to see where you ladies are taking this game that I am enamored by and has molded me.  In addition to my family, I am a product of every coach, teammate, friend, coworker and colleague that I have had in this lifetime, and I am now more excited for my own evolution to continue. 

Ladies, you now wear 4 stars on your shield, but I absolutely give you 5 on your incredible performance and beautiful integrity. Thank you, keep evolving, and can’t wait to see what greatness continues to lie ahead. Your story is timeless. Cheers and go USA!